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KIARAH CHEM | Background

Kiarah chemicals have been in existence for the past 15 years. From humble beginnings the company has grown to become a viable competitor in the chemical manufacturing industry.

The company clientele include small corporations as well as large government and non governmental institutions. We are a Black Economic Empowerment company who prides itself in excellent service delivery and quality products.


? Continue to maintain our competitive edge in the chemical manufacturing Industry and to pursue training and skills development.
? To supply quality products and supportive services to all our clients, through the continuous application of suitable knowledge and technology.
? To provide a safe, healthy and risk-free working environment within which employees are valued and rewarded for their efforts in the workplace.
? To ensure continuous and healthy financial growth.


Kiarah Chemicals is committed to the supply of quality products and excellent service to our customers,
We hope to achieve this by:

? The creation of a coordinated framework which shall contribute positively to the realization of the vision of Kiarah Chemicals.
? Sharing an uncompromised commitment to excellence.
? Striving to provide the most beneficial and cost effective services within the chemical manufacture and supply sector.
? To lay a foundation of skilled workers through competitive training and development.
? Motivating our employees by selecting the best person for the job, offering competitive training and development and offering incentives in accordance to their skills and performance.

We shall conduct all our business affairs ethically by the best means providing outstanding quality and service resulting in a great place to work where people
are inspired to be the best they can.

We shall continuously support and strive to improve our Quality Objectives at all times.

Aims & Objectives

The primary aim of Kiarah Chemicals to strive to be a leading service provider in the country by ensuring that our products and service delivery are excellent every time.
Our objective is to increase in profitability. This will be achieved by good marketing strategies within the next three years.

Core Values

Our business approach is steered by our strong adherence to the most stringent quality control measures and guided by ethical and professional practices.

Statement of Intent

Kiarah Chemicals shall strive to provide quality products and superior customer services at competitive prices.


? Manufacture of Chemicals
? Supply of paper products
? Supply of Brooms, brush ware and mopping equipment
? Supply of cleaning equipment

Social Responsibility

? Kiarah Chemicals is committed to Black Economic Empowerment practices
? The company employs and empowers women from historically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Employment Equity

Kiarah Chemicals is committed to creating a workplace in which no employee is denied employment and growth opportunities or benefits, for reasons unrelated to ability, and where individuals of ability and application can develop rewarding careers at all levels regardless of their background, race or gender.

We are also committed to the promotion, development and recognition of our people on merit. To accomplish this we will neither make 'token' appointments, nor implement any practices or procedures, which establish barriers to appointment, promotion or advancement, of any of our employees.

All appointments are done in accordance with our recognised Kiarah Chemicals Employment Equity Policy , Kiarah Chemicals Human Resources Objectives & Strategies and Kiarah Chemicals Employment System Process Procedures ( copies of which are available on request ) this, without lowering our standard of service in any way.

Team Pride

"Team pride and teamwork increases productivity and proficiency" a durable and strong reputation of quality services, competently skilled and enthusiastic staff and paying our employees market related salaries shall ensure the solid grounding from which Kiarah Chemicals intends to operate.

Quality Assurance

Kiarah Chemicals strives to treat all clients in accordance to their unique cleaning requirements. Each new contract is treated as a project, and is managed as such by competent and trained personnel. To achieve the quality assurance standard Kiarah Chem is an ISO 9001 organization, which means we have a supplier quality assurance agreement with our suppliers to provide quality row materials which will not affect the quality of our end products.

We also ensure that all deliveries made to the customers are as per order requirements and best quality. All products manufactured are tested and controlled by qualified quality controllers before it leaves the organization. We have a fully equipped laboratory that ensures the manufacturing process of products is as per specification and maintenance of the products is of high quality. We also hold 20 mark permits accreditations.

Key Management Development & Competencies

Applicants with the adequate competencies, experience and background knowledge regarding the services offered at Kiarah Chemicals shall be deemed industrious for the company and be considered to be a member of our Senior Management Team.

Training in the field of Business Management is seen as a basic requirement, ensuring that senior employees are a benefit to the company, regarding the internal financial management, staff management, purchasing and planning procedures. An approved and accredited training source shall be utilized for this purpose.

Understanding the Market

The manufacture and supply of industrial chemicals is a multi-million rand industry. The industry is projected to grow is due to increased opportunities and a growing local and export market. We will continue to attract the public and private sector contracts through adjustments to our marketing strategy and expansion of our product lines. Kiarah Chemicals shall minimize the threats to our market share by maintaining our quality products and increasing our service and value to our client base.

Position for Organisational Growth

Contracts, suppliers and councillors shall be obtained via our Marketing Plan and Strategy which is being constructed so that the widest possible target shall be reached. The Marketing Plan shall be constructed so that Kiarah Chemicals shows a consistent growth percentage per year even though we have larger industry competitors to deal with – growth which shall be experienced not only in earnings but also in production and expansion.


Productivity & Improvements

An income and expense graph is plotted weekly and shall be an integral part out of the financial control within Kiarah Chemicals.
This done to enable Senior Management to act timeously against potential wastages which shall in this way be easily detected and for which improvements or identified changes shall be made immediately in order to ensure the best and cost effective product and service to our clients at all times.


Client Needs Attributes & Directions
Intensive research into the requirements of our products and service from our loyal clients (and potential clients) shall be conducted each quarter, to determine the demand for our services and potential upgrading of services provided. This research shall be done via telephonic Client Appraisal which shall be carried out on a quarterly basis.

Price Strategy

Kiarah Chemical prices are favourable and within range of our competitors. An exclamation rate and identified adjustments shall be applied yearly to keep space with inflation, price increases and personal expenditures.

Market Investigation

Kiarah Chemicals shall practice prudence and sound business acumen when investigating new business opportunities.
A proper investigation of all contracts shall be performed, in order to determine all the advantages and disadvantages the contract may hold for Kiarah Chemicals and our client.

The business standing of Kiarah Chemicals is of utmost importance to the Directorship of the company, we therefore pledge, that at no time shall Kiarah Chemicals perform any services for any contract, if it has been identified that Kiarah Chemicals shall not be in the position to fulfill the requirements as stipulated within the contract and at the highest standards.

The Target Market

? Government Contracts
? Commercial offices and buildings
? Government Laundromats
? Hospitals ? Food Industry
? Education Departments
? Social Services

Competition with Opposition

Kiarah Chemicals is aware that businesses who already deliver a service to fixed clientele and who have signed maintenance contracts may be strong competition, but, it is however healthy to have sound competitors in any field of business.

Considering the fact that Kiarah Chemicals delivers a high grade service, which is fully complaint to the Standards of ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 – a standard which is Internationally recognized and accepted – and the fact that our prices compare well to those of our competitors, we feel positively that Kiarah Chemicals is a strong competitor within the industrial chemical manufacturing sector.

Policies & System Procedures

? Kiarah Chemicals Quality Policies
? Kiarah Chemicals Risk Control Policy
? Kiarah Chemicals Environmental Control Policy
? Kiarah Chemicals Health & Safety Policy
? Kiarah Chemicals Quality Management System Manual
? Kiarah Chemicals Disciplinary Code & Grievance Procedure
? Kiarah Chemicals HIV/AIDS Policy
? Disabled Employee Policy
? Employment Process Procedures
? Employment Equity Policy
? Training & Skills Development Policy

About Kiarah Chem Credit Application.pdf Environmental statement final.pdf KIARAH Quality Statement.pdf KIARAH Quality Objectives.pdf KIARAH Mission Statement.pdf
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